Psychology - Personality

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The thoughts, feelings and behaviours that make a person unique.

Eysencks Type Theory of Personality:

Type theory: personality types are thought to be inherited. For each personality type there is associated traits; extroversion, introversion and neuroticism.

Extroversion: A personality type that describes people who look to the outside world for entertainment.

Introversion: A personality type that describles people who are content with their own compant and own thoughts and ideas.

Neuroticism: A personality type that describes people who are highly emotional and show quick, intense reations to fear.

Evaluation of Eysencks type theory:

Strengths: There are alot of studies to support the belief that Eysencks personality types exist.

Weaknesses: Some psychologists believe that categorising people as extrovert and neurotic is too simplistic and ignores all the different components of a persons personality. Also some psychologists have created other type


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