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Unofficial Mark Scheme

Monday 16th May 2016

Section A

Social Influence  

Question 1a

Identify three behaviors that a minority use to influence a majority.

(3 Marks)

Question 1b

Marcus wishes to go travelling during the summer but the rest of his friends want to go on a beach holiday.

Using the points you identified in Question 1a briefly suggest how Marcus could convince his friends to go travelling.

(3 Marks)

Question 2a

Ethical and value of research scores study

How many participants gave  ‘value of research’ score that was ‘<6’?

(1 Mark)

Question 2b

What was the mode for the unethical scores and value of research scores?

(2 Marks)

Question 3

Mode is a type of descriptive statistics

Identify two more types of descriptive statistics and explain how these would be calculated

(4 Marks)

Question 4

The study shown in Question 2 used self report. Outline what is meant by self report.

(3 Marks)

Question 5

Using Asch’s findings, discuss two variables affecting conformity + two limitations of his study

(8 Marks)

Section B


Question 6

Outline psychological research of STM according to Multi-Store Model.

(4 marks)  

Question 7

Annie can still skateboard even though she has not done so for many years. Germaine can still remember his first day at university even though it was a long time ago. Billy can remember the names of the tools he needs to fix the tap.

Using the example, identify 3 types of long term memory

(6 Marks)    

Question 8

The following are 5 evaluative statements of Cognitive Interview.

Which two are correct?

  1. Police officers need more training

  2. The witnesses are treated poorly

  3. More time consuming

  4. Too confusing to be used on children

(2 Marks)

Question 9

Discuss psychological research of working memory

(12 Marks)

Section C


Question 10a   

Researcher A discovered that animals attach for comfort and not for food.

Name Researcher A and the type of animal they studied.

(2 Marks)

Question 10b

Researcher B found that animals attach to the first moving thing they see.

Name Researcher B and the type of animal they studied.

(2 Marks)

Question 11

The following are 5 evaluative points on the Romanian Orphan Studies

Which two are correct?

  1. It is unethical because it involves separation

  2. It can provide long term results not just short term

  3. There are few case studies to support it

  4. Can be compared to a control group

  5. It is scientific because a cause and effect relationship can be established

(2 Marks)

Question 12

Abi was brought up by two parents and secure and healthy upbringing.She now has two kids. Her own children are able to form trustworthy friendships and are confident.

Explain referencing Abi and her family what psychologists have found about the internal working model

(6 Marks)

Question 13

Discuss the Strange Situation as a method of assessing attachment

(12 Marks)

Mark Scheme

Section A




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