Psychological explanations of depression

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Psychodynamic (freud bbz xoxoxox)

Freud suggested that loss could could be actual  (death) or symbolic ( lost job). This loss can cause us to relive childhood experiences of loss, explaining the clingy behaviour. 
Hostility and aggression are involved, as feelings of anger we feel over death are turned inwards as conflict between superego and ego.

Evidence & Evalutatoin- 

Evidence that loss in early life makes us more susceptible to depression is mixed.
Bowlby- suggested that early separation/loss can result in inability to form relationships, therefore resulting in depression.
However this could be the result of lack of care, not the actual loss itself.

Psychoanalysts have not been very successful in treating depression, suggesting the theory lacks validity. However Psycho dynamic Interpersonal theory is an exception, and can be successful treating depression caused by dysfunctional relationships.

 Behaviourist- Cognitive explanation

Learned Helplessness- Seligamn & Maier- Carried out a study into dogs, in which the dogs who had no escape of electrocution were less likely to escape even when they could, suggesting


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