Psychological Androgyny and Gender Dysphoria

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Explanations Of Psychological Androgyny

Androgynous individuals

  • Sandra Bem argues that traditional views on gender forces children to choose between one or the other gender roles.
  • Goes on to say that being androgynous and choosing traits from both gender roles, to suit the individual, would be far more advantagous.
  • Being androgynous woyuld lead to greater flexabiliy and and psychological adjustment.
  • Flaherty and Dusek found that androgynous individuals tend to be more adpative to situations and have a greater slef-esteem and sense of emotional well-being.


Androgynous individuals

  • Bem conducted a range of studies on adrogynous people to show the link between androgyny adn flexability.
  • Found that masculine and androgynous females were far less likely to conform than feminine females.
  • Found androgynous and feminine females acted more warmly towardsd a baby and another student with personal problems.
  • Discovered that males were more constrained by gender…


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