Psychological explanations of schizophrenia


Family Dysfunction

This states that the family enviroment is what causes schizophrenia.

Thre are two types of family dysfunction

  • Double Blind
  • Expressed emotion

The double blind is a problem with communication between the parents body language and what they are saying. This causes conflict in the child making them not trust eventually not trustimg there own thoughs thinking thye are someone elses.

A schizophragentic mother is a mother who is verbally accepting yet behaviourlly rejecting. This put the child in a no win situation.


Tiernai found that you are 37% more likely to have schizophrenia if you live with a dsyfunctional family.


However, not everyone with a dsyfuntional family get schizophrenia therefore it cannot be a cause for schizophrenia but maybe a factor affecting the likely hood of the onset.

High levels of Expresed Emotion ( EE) shows a hostile and critical enviroment. If a recovering schizophrenia is retured to a high EE enviroment they are more likey to relapse especially positive sypmtoms.


brown found that once releases from a hostile 38% of patients with a high EE enviroment relapsed compared to the 10% that returned to a low EE enviroment.

Kavanagh did a meta analysis of 26 studies found high levels of EE in 48% of cases and low EE in 21% of cases


This clearly support that high EE effect the recorvery of schizophrenic but doesnt not tell us about the initial cause

This supports that high EE has an impact on the onset of schizophrenia but as people in a low EE enviroment got schizophrenia in cannot be the only cause making it reductionist. A more reasonable cause could be stress  as high EE would cause a lot of distress and peple in low EE familys may have experienced high stress outside of their family enviroment.

A postive of this explantion is that it i


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