Psychological explanations for schizophrenia

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Family dysfunction
The schizophrenogenic mother

  • Fromm-Reichmann (1948) proposed a psychodynamic explanation for schizophrenia based on accounts from her patients about childhood
  • Many patients spoke of a particular type of parent, which Fromm-Reichmann called the schizophrenogenic mother
  • The schizophrenogenic mother is cold, rejecting and controlling and tends to create a family climate characterised by tension and secrecy, leading to distrust that later develops into paranoid delusions and ultimately schizophrenia

Double-bind theory

  • Bateson et al (1927) emphasised the role of communication within a family
  • The developing child regularly finds themselves in situations where they fear doing the wrong thing, but receive mixed messages about what this is and feel unable to comment on the unfairness of the situation or seek clarification
  • When the child 'gets it wrong' - which is often - they are punished by withdrawal of love, which leaves them


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