Psychodynamic Strengths and Weaknesses.

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One strength of the psychodynamic approach is that it fully considers both sides of the nature –nurture debate and how they interact with one another. Freud suggested we are born with a set of instincts (id), but how these express themselves depends on childhood experience, e.g. in the psychosexual stages of development an under-indulged id, may lead to an anally retentive personality. This is a strength because Freud did not just consider both sides of the debate, but also how they interact.

A second strength is that Freud has made an important contribution to our understanding of mental health and provided useful therapies. For example it is good to look at childhood experience and how this leaves our personalities as adults, and not just try and remove a symptom. Also, dream analysis comes from Freud's ideas in defence mechanisms, and has helped people understand their repressed anxieties.This is a strength because it shows that psychodynamic therapy is indeed useful and helpful to people and


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