Psychodynamic Key Issue - Dream Analysis


Explaining the issue using the Psychodynamic approach:

  • Behaviour is governed by unconscious wishes and desires. The id is in the unconscious and is the demanding part of the personality.
  • The unconscious mind is powerful and controls much of our thinking and actions.
  • The superego gives the personality a conscience containing the demands of society and parents. The ego is the third part of the personality and balances the demands of the id and the superego. 
  • One way the ego controls the id is through defence mechanisms. Unconscious thoughts and wishes are repressed. They can, however, reveal themselves, such as through Freudian slips and in dreams. 
  • Freud called dreams "the royal road to the unconscious".
  • During sleep, the contents of the unconscious drift into the conscious mind. Because we would usually find these things unacceptable or painful, the ego does dream work in which the contents of the unconscious are disguised in various ways.
  • Freud believed that dreams represents some sort of wish fulfilment, i.e. to do the things we really want to without actually doing…


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