Psychodynamic Approach to Abnormalities

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1) Conflicts between:
id- pleasure and drive
Ego- Reality principle
Superego- ideal reality

2) conflicts during psychosexual stages: 

Oral- primary interaction with mouth, conflict- weaning

Anal- bladder and bawl control by the id. Conflict- toilet training.

Phallic- noticing there is a difference between males and females. Conflict- Boys see fathers as rival for mothers affection.

Latency- development of ego and super ego (Id suppressed). Important for social interaction skills

Genital- growing an interest in the opposite sex. Lasts from purity till death. 

(there is no need to outline each of the stages. Remembers- max AO1 marks for a 12 marker is 6)

3) Conflicts at stages may…


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