Psychic Healing and psychic mediumship

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PSYCHIC HEALING - Ability to alleviate illness by purely mental means. e.g faith healing and therapeutic touch.

WIRTH --> tested pps treateed with either TT or no TT. pp's treated eith TT recovered faster. BUT he failed to replicate these findings. And when researchers tried to contact hi,, he was unable to talk. Later was convicted of fraud.

ROSA ET AL --> 21 TT practitioners, placed hands through a hole and had to detect if the experimenters hand was 4 inches above either their left or right hand. Lower results than you would expect at chance level - 44%. The experimenter was not ill and so this may have affected their auras so the TT practitioner could claim this is why they weren;t accurate. Also the study was designed by a 9 year old.

Characteristics of believers in psychic healing -->

Need for control - illness represents a situation where people feel an extra need for control

Dual processing - even people who believe in science and logic also believe in this 'just in case' even if they realise it won't work.

Cognitive factors…


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