PSYA4 - Schizophrenia - Brief overview of explanations, diagnosis and treatment


Perspectives of psychopathology:

  • Biological
    • Genetics: inherited by genes
    • Physiology: structure & functioning of the brain
    • Neurochemicals: chemical processes in nervous system
  • Psychological
    • Behavioural: learning
    • Cognitive: thought processes
    • Psychodynamic: unconscious processes (Freud)

Ingraham et al (1995) (KEY STUDY -  relevance of approaches)

  • longitudinal study
  • compared 50 high risk (genetically vulnerable) with 50 controls
  • each group had a mix of kibbutz children (communal upbringing) and children living with parents
  • schizophrenia was only found in the high risk group - upbringing appeared to have no effect..... genetics seem to have more impact than environment

Treatments according to approaches:

  • Biological
    • Drug therapy
    • ECT
    • Psychosurgery 
  • Psychological
    • Behavioural therapy
    • Cognitive-based…


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