PSYA3 - Eating Behaviour - Food Preferences

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Food preferences in Children

Familiarity - food neophobia (fear of new foods) is found in babies and children, preference is developed after repeated exposure (Birch and Marlin)

Parental attitudes - Ogden (2007) found a positive correlation between the diets of mothers and their children. Parents provide key role models.

Peers and the media - Lowe et al (1998) found that modelling using admired peers can increase fruit and veg consumption. Media advertising also has a powerful effect.

Food preferences in Adults

Media campaigns - government campaigns promoting healthy eating have helped to change attitudes, but cheap, high fat, high carb food is easily available, reducing the effectiveness.

Food and mood - Benton (2002) found that even in babies, sweet foods reduced distress. Gibson (2006) found an increased consumption…


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