PSYA3 - Aggression - SLT


Social learning theory = we observe lots of role models who behave in different ways, so when finding ourselves in a situation we select the most appropriate behaviour depending on what we have seen others successfully use.

Evidence that SLT causes aggression

Bandura et al

Bandura, Ross & Ross (1961) showed that children copy the behaviour of an adult role model.

  • Children were shown an adult role-model acting aggressively towards a Bobo doll.
  • During 20 minutes of play afterwards, aggressive acts towards the Bobo doll were recorded.
  • Children were far more aggressive than in a control group.

Bandura (1965) repeated the study but also let children see the model be rewarded or punished.

  • Those who saw the model be punished were less likely to imitate.
  • When they…


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