PSYA3 Aggression - Neural and Hormonal Mechanisms

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Neural and Hormonal mechanisms in aggression

Neural Mechanisms AO1

- thought to reduce aggression by inhibiting responses to emotional stimuli that might otherwise lead to an aggressive response

- low levels of serotonin may lead to increased susceptibility to impulsive behaviour and aggression

- Mann et al (1990) gave 35 healthy PPS dexfenfluramine which is known to deplete serotonin. Using questionnaires to assess aggression, found drug was associated with increase in aggression in men but not women.
AO3: Questionnaires – social desirability bias


Neural Mechanisms AO2/3

Scerbo + Raine (1993): meta analysis of 29 studies published before 1992.
- examined neurotransmitter levels in anti-social children + adults
- studies found low levels of serotonin in individuals described as aggressive
- reduced levels of serotonin were found in those who attempted suicide
X AO3: Cause and Effect

Alcohol, Serotonin and Aggressive Behaviour
- Badaway (2006)
found alcohol consumption caused major disturbance in the metabolism of brain serotonin, depleting serotonin levels in the brains of normal individuals
- In susceptible individuals, this depletion of serotonin can


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