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June 2014 - Discuss research studies which have investigated the way in which personality influence how people respond to stress (12 marks)

AO1-Type A behaviour. Respond to stress with impatience, are hostile and competitive. Freidman and Rosenman, conducted structured interviews to establish type, 8.5 years later twice as many type As had died of heart attacks.

AO1-Type B behavour. Individuals are more more patient, relaxed and easy-going. Decreases the risk of stress-related illness.

AO2-Individual differences. Type A man reflects 1960s, hardiness more relevant today.

AO2-Evaluation. Ragland and Brand didn't find a link between Type A and mortality after 22 years. Myrtek, hostility component of Type A more important.

AO1-Hardy personality. Kobasa and Maddi, 'hardy' people cope because of control, commitment and challenge. Kobasa, US executives had different illness records if they were hardy. Maddi et al, hardiness attributes in 'thriving' employees. Lifton, 'hardy' students more likely to graduate

AO2-More simply just negative affectivity (NA Watson and Clark), questionnaire used has low reliability, even improved version (personal Views Survey) has problems.

June 2013 - Outline and


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