Provisional Government March 1917-October 1917

  • Feb Revolution 1917 - dramatic change in government. 
  • PG - politicians - elected to Duma 1912 - associated with the 'old' guard - inumbent political elite that represented traditional interests. 
  • 2nd March 1917 - PG established to take over from Nicholas 2nd. Gov meant to last until a Constituent Assembly democratically elected. Would have provided representation for all social groups in Russia. 
  • Started with 8 principles that would underpin their domestic policies - amnesty for political prisoners, establishment of freedom of speech, preparations for a Constituent Assembly & abolition of secret police. 


  • Military - July 1917, Minister of War - Kerensky launched a new military offensive against Germany to boost morale of Russians and increase gov support. Initially sucess - not long before Russia losing war. 
  • Political - Political prisoners released, flocked to Petrograd & Moscow. Russia - freest country in world. 2 million people joined trade unions. Developlemt of opposition inevitable, amnesty of political prisoners and terorrists e.g. Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, al proved difficutl competition and threat to PG. Gov promised elections - continuously delayed as tried to retain power. Not well organised or a strong legitimate gov if elected may have been held. 

August 1917 - appointment of Kerensky as Prime Minister. Prime Minister put an attempt to overthrow him to a halt. - Dual Authority emerged. 

Workings of both PG & Petrograd Soviet - workers council - recognised by historians to be a window of opportunity in which revolutionaries were evidently going to exploit. Soviets integral to Bols seixure of power and intregrated into communist political system after Oct Revolution. 


  • Immediate granting of freedom…


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