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What are proteins made from?

  • Proteins are polymers, large chains of monomers. 
  • The monomers of proteins are amino acids. 
  • A dipeptide = 2 Amino Acids
  • A polypeptide = 2+ Amino Acids 
  • Proteins are made of one or more polypeptides. 

Amino Acid Structure: 

  • Carboxyl group (-COOH), Amino Group (-NH2), R Group
  • Amino Acids are linked together by condensation reactions to form dipeptides and polypeptides. A molecule of water is released during the reaction.
  • The bonds formed are called peptide bonds. 
  • This bond is between the amino group of one and the carboxyl group of another. 
  • Hydrolysis reactions break the peptide bond. 

Protein structure:

Primary Structure-

  • Sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide chain held together by


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