Prediction Earthquakes

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Seismic Gap Theory

The historic records of a particular fault show the period of elapsed time between different earthquakes.

If the pattern is regular then it may be possible to predict the next earthquake.

It is applied to sections which have been quiet for some time, this is the gap between the active areas.

This gap is the section of the fault which is locked due to a build up of pressure, the larger the gap, the longer stress has been able to build up for, therefore when the stress is released, it will consiquent in a high magnitude earthquake.

In sections where movement is more frequent, the energy build up with be dissiputed often and therefore resulting in less destructive earthquakes.

However, these patterns are not regular enough to be used in human time frame.

It also assumes movement,frictional forces and other properties are constant, which they are not.

Although if it suggests an earthquake is due, it is time to start monitoring.


When a plate is under stress due to a build…


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