Protecting staff - Business Studies (GCSE BBC Bitesize Revision)


Business Studies

Protecting staff

Employers need to follow certain laws and procedures in order to protect their staff and customers.

Employment rights

A still from the sitcom 'The Office'. David Brent welcomes new members of staff, including a lady who is a wheelchair user (

Staff are protected against age, sex, race or disability discrimination

To prevent exploitation, the government has passed a number of laws that safeguard staff:

  • Workers are guaranteed a minimum hourly wage rate of £5.80 per hour in 2009.
  • Race, sex, age or disability discrimination is illegal. Businesses must be careful to treat all workers fairly. They must offer equal pay and promotion opportunities for women and ethnic minorities.
  • The EU Working Time Directive sets a limit on the number of hours staff can work in a week.
  • Parents are entitled to paid leave from work soon after their children are born. The firms must keep their post open for when they return from maternity or paternity leave.

Protecting workers rights increases the costs of firms.


Businesses operate in a dynamic…




Comprehensive notes on the legal aspects of employing staff. It examines the main laws required for the GCSE exam.