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The plan of a proposal

Before you begin writing any form of technical communication, there are three questions you should consider:

Who is the audience?

You need to decide to whom you are writing the proposal. You need to make sure that you think about your audience and what they might already know or not know about your topic.

What do I want my audience to get from my proposal?

The overall purpose of the proposal should be to get the readers' approval. Your main purpose should be clearly stated. The readers should not have to figure out what you are suggesting in the proposal. The best advice is to state your purpose up front and then fill in the details later in the proposal.

How can I make sure my audience understands what I want them to know?

You must put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Think about what they want to hear. Think about what they don't want to hear. Get someone else to read your proposal before you submit it. Make sure that his or her reaction is what you expected the readers' reaction to be.

Proposals will either be rejected or accepted. Obviously, you want your proposal to be accepted.To help make this possible you need to follow…


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