Propaganda, Culture and Mass Media in Germany

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11.2 Hitler’s Germany

Propaganda, culture and mass media in Germany

One reason there was little opposition, was due to Goebbels’s extreme use of propaganda. He truthfully believed that Hitler was the saviour of Germany and he wanted everyone to believe this too! Goebbels was a man to keep a main eye of the public opinion and use every type of propaganda methods he could find. He also was in charge of censorship; choosing what the public did and didn’t hear.

The Nuremburg Rallies

These were annual and involved torchers, marches and meetings.

They involved bands, flying displays and speeches by Hitler himself.

The Nuremburg rallies were known for:

·          Bringing colour into the people’s lives as they felt honoured to be involved with a movement so great

·         The rallies showed the Germans power of state.

·         The Nazi’s main attraction was that they created order out of chaos.

The 1936 Olympic Games

One the greatest propaganda opportunities came when Berlin was chosen to host the Olympic Games in the summer of 1936. It would be an opportunity to not only publicise in Germany but internationally as well.

It was also thought that the Games would show how strong the Aryan race was however, there was often pressure on nations like the USA to disrupt the games in protest to the Nazi regime. In response, the Nazis included one…





*Jesse Owens

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Excellent set of notes on the use of propaganda and media in  Nazi Germany. Use this inofrmation to write a quiz and keep testing yourself until the information has been stored in your long term memory.

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