products of oil

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cracking means splitting up long chain hydrocarbons 

  • long chain hydrocarbons create think gloopy liquids that arent useful at all
  • a lot of longer molecules that are procued are turned into smaller ones by a process called cracking 
  • cracking produces substances like ethane which are useful for making plastics 
  • heat the long chain hydrocarbon to vapourise it 
  • the vapour is passed over a powdered catalyst
  • aluminuim oxide is the catalyst used 
  • the longhain molecules split apart or crack on the surface of the speks of catalyst


  • alkenes are hydrocarbons which have a double bond between the two carbon atoms in their chain 
  • they are known as unsaturated because they can make more bonds, the double bond can open up allowing the two carbon atoms to bond with other atoms 
  • you can test for alkenes by adding the substance bromine water if the water goes dicoloured from orange to colourless then its an alkene, becuase the double bond has opened up to form bonds with the bromine 


  • you can react ethene with steam to create ethanol 
  • ethene C2H4 can be hydrated with steam H2O in the


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