Process Theology

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Process Theology

 Process theology it a theology which proposes that God moves along the same time-line that we do, does not know the future and cannot force people to behave in a way which compromises their free will.

 This theory is based on the idea that God is not outside time at all, but present in the world with us, acting and responding, loving, rejoicing and suffering as we do. Although, God is outside this world he is part of it, and so up to a point at least, God’s power is limited because of the laws of physics that are a necessary part of the world’s existence.

 Within this theology, it points out that, God does not know the future, but only knows what might happen, and people have real free will. As God has given people free will he has given them options which they can choose as God does not force them to fit in with his preconceived plans. This is not because God has given us total freedom, but it is because (according to the process theology), God actually cannot force our choices.

 Some proponents of the process theology have said that it is not logically possible for God to bring about the keeping of an agreement by himself. They also said that God can make moral demands of people, and give them laws, but he cannot keep the rules of the agreement alone, even if that one side happens to be God. So for example, if a person commits a sin (moral evil), God cannot do anything to prevent it,


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