Problem of Evil Theodicies

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Augustinian Theodicy

1.) the universe was created all good for a good purpose therefore God did not make evil and so evil was created by something else from nothing (ex-nihilo) and he is justified in allowing it to stay

2.) evil is just a 'privation of good' (Privatio Boni) caused by humans disobeying God using free will... 'all evil is either sin or punishment for sin'

3.) we are all 'seminally present' in Adam who sinned and so we are all born with original sin after the fall of man

4.) Jesus Christ was sent by God as a living sacrifice so that those who accept his as their saviour will get salvation but those who don't end up in hell. Hick called this Soul-deciding


  • effective theodicy (justifies god in the face of evil)
  • does not qualify the nature of God
  • appeals to fundamentalists and it is very Bible based


  • Scientific: a) DNA rejects the idea that we are all seminally presentb) evolution proves that the universe came from order


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