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There are a few basic facts you need to learn!!!!!

1. Probabilities are between 1 and 0. 1 being definite and 0 being impossible. 0.5 would be half the chance of getting no than yes!

 Therefore they should be written out as either, decimals, percentages or fractions

2. Probabilities always add up to 1. This means that it is impossible to get 1.1 or even 2, they always add to 1.

3. The Notation should be something like "P(X) = 1/2" This means that the probability of x is 1/2

Listing outcomes

A question could be to list all of the possible outcomes when two coins are tossed. And this would be the answer:

coin1   coin2  

Head    Head      HH

Tails    Tails       TT




Nice clear information, thanks



is this higher or foundation tier

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