Pro- and anti-natal policies

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Anti-natalist policy: China


  • -Huge rate of population growth led to a series of famines in the mid 20th century

What is the policy?

  • -One child policy which encourages couples to have only one child and penalise those who have more.

How does it work?

  • -Incentives given for having just one child policy: cash bonuses, longer maternity leave, better childcare, prefential access to housing.
  • -Young people persuaded to delay marriage
  • -Pressure for abortion of 'unauthorised' pregnancies
  • -Easy access to contraception and encouragement of post-pregnancy sterilisation
  • -'Forced' sterilisation of couples who have more than one child

Has it been successful?

  • The birth rate in China has fallen since 1979, and the rate of population growth is now 0.7%
  • There have been negative impacts too - due to a traditional preference for boys, large numbers of female babies have ended up homeless or in the orphanages, and in some cases…


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