Privation Research

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Privation Research 

Some children are raised in institutions if their parents are not deemed able to take care of them. This is known as institutional care. Whils the children do not suffer from physical privation, they often suffer from emotional privation- a complete lack of emotional attachment to another human being.

Hodges and Tizard

Aim: Investigate whether a lack of emotional care had permanent and irreversible effects to emotional and social development.


  • 65 children taken into care before the age of 4 months formed an opportunity sample
  • It was a natural experiment using a matched pairs design, the institutionalised children were compared with a control group at home
  • It was a longitudinal study from entering care to 16 years old
  • Each child had been looked after by an average 24 caregivers by the age of 2
  • By the age of 4, 24 had been adopted and 15 returned to their natural home
  • The children were assessed at the ages 4,8 and 16 on emotional and social competence through interviews and self-report questionnaires


  • At 4, children hasn't


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