Pride and Prejudice- Textual Knowledge

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Pride and Prejudice- Textual knowledge

5 Bennet daughters:

  • Elizabeth
  • Kitty
  • Lydia
  • Mary
  • Jane

The locations

  • The Bennet household- Longbourn
  • Nearest Town- Meryton
  • Mr Bingley's rented house- Netherfield Park
  • Mr Darcy's house- Pemberley
  • Lady Catherine de Bourgh's house- Rosingparks

The marriages that take place

  • Elizabeth and Mr Darcy
  • Lydia and Wickham
  • Charlotte and Mr Collins
  • Jane and Mr Bingley

Characteristics of Characters

Mr Bennet

  • He is sarcastic 
  • Likes to exclude himself
  • prefers his daughter Lizzy
  • Points out people's flaws
  • Witty

Mrs Bennet

  • Selfish
  • Showcases her daughters to be married…


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