Preventing and treating diseases

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There are 4 known types of diseases: 

Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Protists

(The 2 most commonly known are Bacteria and Viruses)

How to prevent such diseases?

- Vaccinations

Pathogens are catagorised by our 4 diseases, and when people want to create Vaccinations, they like to target and kill these harmful pathogens. 

A vaccine is a substance of already killed or neutralised pathogens which are entered into the Blood stream and are used, to our immune system, as "Targets" or "Practice". Vaccinations are a great start to get our immune system active for when we actually catch the disease, Our white bloood cells will know exactly what to do when confronting a real pathogen because of when they fought off the already dead or neutralised pathogens via a vaccination we took a few days before the attack. 

However, People can still obviously get ill even when vaccined, a vaccines purpose isn't to simply 'cure' us all the way, it is instead provided to help our bodies recover quicker and reduce the harmful side effects (Symptons) so nobody has to be hospitalised.

Even when a dead pathogen is placed into our blood stream, they can still produce "Antigens" on their surfaces, and so for a defensive response,our White blood cells will respond with "Antibodies". An


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