Pressure for the Second Reform Act

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First Reform Act did not represent the general population:

  • favoured middle class
  • only 18% could vote
  • favoured rural counties
  • power still remained with aristocracy 
  • still corrupt without secret ballot
  • working classes and radicals felt it should have been extended further

1835 - Municipal Corporations Act - all male ratepayers elected councils 

Chartism 1836 - 1848:

  • demanded further reform
  • attracted a large range of individuals 
  • May 1839 - presented a petition signed by 1,280,958 to parliament
  • November 1839 - 'sacred month'; Newport miners uprising outside Westgate hotel, 20 died
  • 1842 - second petition with 3 million signatures
  • 10 April 1848 - Kennington Common rally; third petition with 5 million signatures
  • Failed but forced the government to make reforms through the repeal of the Corn Laws (1846) and the Ten Hour Act (1847)

Old Whigs saw reform as a way to increase chance of getting elected

Somes Tories also saw reform as a way to increase popularity…


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