Pressue Groups OCR AS Government and Politics

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·         Represent people who are supportive e.g. StopHS2 only represents those who are against HS2

·         Their aim is to persuade the government of something e.g. Stonewall persuaded the government to pass the 2013 Marriage Act

·         They should only have policies on a few things or one e.g. Fathers4Justice only have policies about things that affect men/fathers

·         They do not need to have a leader e.g. the RSPCA does not have a leader, but a committee


·         Insider: successfully influence policy e.g. Stonewall, RSPCS

·         Outsider: outside the government e.g. Coalition4Marriage

·         Cause: one specific issue e.g. StopHS2

·         Interest: protecting the interests of people e.g. NUS (All unions)


- Public: using media, newsletters etc. e.g. NUS uses newsletters and the Snowdrop campaign 1996 campaign used an email petition as well as Jamie Oliver who introduced a Channel 4 programme and Fathers4Justice in 2004 carried out a series of publicity stunts.

- Legislature: lobbying etc. e.g. Snowdrop in 1996 created a Sunday Mail petition and Hacked Off met members of all the main political parties in England Electioneering e.g. Cheryl Gillan forced to resign over HS2 – people vote for politicians who support their cause

- Judiciary: setting precedents etc. e.g. StopHS2 took the government to court on 15th October 2013 but failed (19 times – failed 18)

- EU: Pressure Groups can appeal to the EU e.g. Tony Nicklenson campaigning for euthanasia


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