Present From My Aunts in Pakistan- Monica Alvi

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Presents From My Aunts in Pakistan- Monica Alvi

  • Free verses arranges loosely- lines are broken to represent her movement between cultures
  • Drifts between images like memories
  • Informal language- honesty
  • 2. "Peacock blue"- colours ("apple", "orange") linked to nature- vibrant and rich- simple colours capture the simplicity of youth
  • 5. "Embossed slippers, gold and black"- shows the richness and how much she values them
  • 8. "Snapped, drew blood"- painful break with culture symbol- life in Pakistan cut short
  • 17. "Alien in the sitting room"- feels alien, not Pakistani- wants England more
  • 18. "Never be as lovely"- paradox -admires but could never


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