Prelude No 15 “Raindrop” in Db Major by Chopin(1810-1849). Composed in 1838. Romantic era.

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Overview of style of Romantic music

·         Composers put their feelings and emotions into their pieces

·         Composers other than Chopin include Tchaikovsky and Brahms

·         Lots of Romantic pieces were written for the piano

·         Very dynamic piece made – tempo and dynamics changing were common

·         Extended chords were used e.g. 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths

·         Lots of dissonance

Key terms

·         The prelude is in ternary form (A-B-A)

·         There is a large dynamic range

·         The piece is homophonic

·         The piece’s modulation is enharmonic (i.e. the piece changes from Db major to C# minor, the enharmonic equivalents of each


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