Prehistoric medicine Summary

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treatments used were minerals, herbs, plants and honey

illnesses that they would get were sore throats, tiredness, weakness, broken bone from hunting accidents and cuts and grazes. For broken bones, mud was used on the broken bone until it was hard, this was quite effective in healing the wound. Honey was also effective the progression of this is that it is still used today, honey was used for sore throats. Herbs and spices were also natural cures which tells us that not only did thy believe in the supernatural, they also believed in the natural theory.

Shamen medicine man- 

treatments used were chants and charms, pointing bones with sticks to catch evil spirits and remove it, trephining was a surgery that was used to make a hole in the skull to get rid of the evil spirits 

the Shamen believed in the supernatural causes that evil spirits entered the body and caused people to become ill, this caused regress




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