Prehistoric Medicine

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Illnesses and Injuries that had natural causes

  • Accidents
  • Hunting or war wounds
  • hunger
  • common ailments such as fever.

Where would you go to for help?

  • family, probably the women who had learned remedies from their own mothers.

How did they treat wounds and illnesses?

  • common remedies were made from herbs, plants, minerals and animal parts.
  • Although prehistoric people did not understand why, some of these cures did work because the ingredients included chemicals which acted as antiseptics to combat infection or as anesthetics.
  • cuts and wounds were also helped by the use of plants.
  • Aboriginals covered cuts with sphagnum moss, which is now used in hospital dressings and field dressings in war zones. Broken bones as well as cuts were covered with mud, clay or animal fat and then bound up with feathers, animal skin or tree bark


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