History Notes (Prehistoric) 

  • The word Prehistoric means a time in historic before wriiten records exsisted
  • Human which lived in prehistoric times were both Nomadic(followed food supply) and Hunter gathers (did not farm)
  • These Humans Lived in small groups 
  • There tecnolgy was low leveled and consisted of tools such as spears, bows, arrows and knives all of these items were made from wood or stone
  • Prehistoric Humans had no system of writting
  • studies from scientist nad archoligsts found that prehistoric people sufferd from filmilar injuries and dieases such as broken bones damged joints and also bones found show cancer
  • other evidnce of prehistoric life comes from cave paintings these showed both hunts and possibly medicine men
  • we also know of some prehistroic treatments one of these was trephining
  • Trephining was a operation on a persons skull using a saw or possibly a…


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