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Investigation 1

 [Identify hypothesis in investigation 1- copy word for word] "Young people today get more pocket money than their parents did and use it in a different way to their parents"

Describe what is meant by the term secondary data? Data that has been already collected by another researcher, for example, official statistics.

Identify the two pieces of secondary evidence used to investigate the hypothesis investigation 1? the two pieces of data used in investigation 1 were; Newspaper report and Website survey.

Describe what is meant by the term validity? the term validity means how accurate or truthful the data is.

Identify&explain two ways the secondary data in source 1 might not be accurate in investigation 1?

Identify and explain why the sociologist should have used a pilot study before creating the questionnaire? 

one reason would be because a pilot study would have shown the mistakes and problems within the questionnaire. For


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