Pragmatic Development

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Pragmatic Development

- This is a the development of a childs conversational skills, which allows a child to learn how to communicate in all situations.

-Halliday (1975) identified 7 functions that language has for children in their early years.

1) Instrumental- To obtain goods and services (expresses needs) eg. "I want"

2) Regulatory- To control behaviour of others eg. "do this" or "Let's do." (directed to a particular individual)

3) Interactional- To relate to others eg. "Me and you" (greetings, responses, names of people)

4) Heuristic- To explre and gain knowledge about the enviroment eg "Tell me why" (dicovery)

5) Personal- To express self eg. "Me naughty" (awareness of self, expression of feelings)

6) Imaginative- To use langauge imaginativly (tell stories, jokes, create an imaginary environment)


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