Power Struggle after Lenin's Death


The Power Struggle after Lenin’s Death

Background info: in the party administration Stalin was general secretary from 1922, and a member of the Orgburo and Secretarist – this gave him enormous power over policy and personnel of the party.

1.      1924 Lenin’s funeral – Stalin gets ahead

·         At Lenin’s funeral he tricked Trotsky into not attending, this severely damaged Trotsky’s reputation

·         At the funeral he set himself up to be Lenin’s protégée

2.      May 1924 – Stalin dodges a knockout blow

·         Lenin’s testament was given to the central committee just before the 13th Party Congress, if it was read out Stalin’s career would be over, but Zinoviev and Kamenev urged it not to be read as it would certainly damage their political careers, and they knew it would put Trotsky in a good light, something they didn’t want 

·         Trotsky remained silent unwilling to get involved

3.      13th Congress 1924 – Trotsky on the ropes

·         Zinoviev, Kamenev and Stalin, now effectively leading the party, presented


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