Power Struggle

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  • Everyone agreed Industrialization was a necessity, but disagreed on most effective way
  • NEP unattractive— high level of unemployment of workers in a "worker's society"; food shortages also appeared again
  • BIG question was when should NEP end…
    • Left wing view:
      • Trotsky, Zinoviev, and Kamenev wanted to end it and go for rapid industrialization —> militarization of labor, breaking stranglehold peasants had on economy by getting more grain out of them
    • Right wing view:
      • Bukharin, and others wanted NEP to keep going and encourage peasants to become richer so in turn they would spend more on consumer good which would lead to growth of the manufacturing industry

World Revolution

  • Permanent Revolution: Trotsky believed in this and was convinced Russian working class was not big enough, so they needed to branch out to more industrialized European countries
    • he wanted to put money and energy


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