Power and Politics - The Marxist Approach

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  • The state is the instrument of the ruling capitalist class
  • The state is an entity designed to further in interests of the bourgeoisie, maintaning their position
  • Elections are without real meaning as the choice will be between people cmmitted to preserving the existing form of society
  • Class struggle occurs between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie
  • The withering of the state will occur when the proletariar seize the power from the bourgeoiss ad create a classless society
  • Members of the ruling class edevour to presuade the rest of society that continuation of thestatus quo is in their interest aswell, and do this by numbing and radical instincts


  • Although the state is made up of many different elements, governemtns usually ensure there is no threat to the interests of those who own capital
  • The Labour Party has not challnged bi business, just trs to show it can operate capitaism more humanely
  • Thesocial backgrund of those with senior positions in British life…




A similar resource which looks at the Marxist approach to one previously recommended but in a format which can be printed and use effectively as a revision tool for that topic.

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