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Globalisation, Modernity & Postmodernity


What are the consequences of the postmodernist idea that there are no foundations to knowledge?

-          No objective criteria we can use to prove whether a theory is true or false.

-          AKA = anti-foundationalism

-          2 consequences

-          The enlightenment project = of achieving progress through true, scientific knowledge is dead. If we cannot guarantee our knowledge is correct, we cannot use it to improve society.

-          Any all-embracing theory that claims to have the absolute truth about how to create a better society, such as Marxism, is a mere meta-narrative or “big story” i.e. someone’s opinion of reality not the truth and therefore there is NO reason to accept the claims.


Why does Lytoard believe that this is preferable to the Meta narratives of modern society?

-          Knowledge is just a series of different language games / ways of seeing the world

-          However, his view of post modernism is that it has many competing views of the truth, is preferable to a modern society, where the meta-narratives claimed a monopoly of truth and sometimes sought to impose it by force, as in the Soviet Union.

-          Postmodernism allows groups who have been marginalised i.e. ethnic minorities to be


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