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The breakdown of modernity;

1.       Are now living in a postmodern era

2.       Do we need postmodernism to explain our behaviour?


Theories of late modernity

                How are these theories different to postmodernism?

Ø  Continuation of modernity

Ø  Key features of modernity that were always present have been intensified they still believe that we can discover objective knowledge

Ø  Enlightenment project is still useful.

What does Giddens mean by “disembodying” and “reflexivity” in his explanation of the rapid social change we see in late and high modernity?

Ø  Disembodying the change of social relations from local contents of interaction.

o   No longer face-to-face contact in order to interact.

o   Breaks down the geographical barriers and makes interaction personal.

Ø  Reflexivity we are continually re-evaluating our ideas and theories.

Giddens and Beck criticise the postmodern view

Ø  Giddens we face a number of high consequence risks

o   I.e. nuclear war, pollution etc.

o   We cannot intervene to improve things (managing the risks)

Ø  Beck; risk society highlights the new dangers within society


Risk, Politics and Progress

                Rational Knowledge-we can overcome them

Marxist Theories of Postmodernity

Ø  Marx claimed that his theory showed how the working class revolution could overthrow capitalism and bring an end to


Christopher Ridder



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Shame about the colour, get on my level

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