Postmodern, Feminist and Realist Methodologies; Postmodernism and the Rejection of Positivism

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Postmodernism and the Rejection of Positivism

Postmodernists, such as Bauman, 1990, Lyotard, 1984 and Baudrillard, 1998, argue that te coherent picture of the social and physical worlds drawn by modernists, is no more true or real than the picture previously painted by the religions that dominated thought processes before modernity.

Postmodernists see a fragmented, discontinuous world in which the desire for order has led to impose a framework  which ignores those things that do not fit neatly into the classifications and theories that have been constructed.

This idea of artificial structures imposed in a fragmented world has also been applied to sociology itself. Postmodernists argue that the nature of sociological theorising is rooted in this false idea of structure and order.

Not only this, but the methods used


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