Post-Colonalism notes pt. 2

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Constructions of Ethnicity

The other (as constructed by the West) can be crudely divided into 4 view points:

  • Infantise (sad) - provoking sympathy, e.g. charity posters/campaigns
  • Primitivise (wicked) - provoking envy or sexual desire - the exotic tribes
  • Decivilise (bad) - provoking distrust, fear - the gangster/pimp
  • Essentialise (mad/crazy) - provoking laughter or contempt - 'they all look the same'

Effects of colonisation on identity:

  • made to feel 'other' = not as good
  • question self because identity has been constructed by someone else (white perspective of saving the black man from savagery)
  • writers have attempted to challenge the stereotypes and give back…


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