Position of Prussia and Austria after 1848

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  • Prussia made the choice to remain neutral during the Crimean War 1853-6 which allowed them to gain the respect of Russia as well as other countries
  • Austria did remain neutral, however, they would occasionally take sides with Russia and then Britain causing them to lose respect and by the end of the war they were friendless
  • during the North Italian War in 1859 (against Piedmont and France), Austria were badly underfinanced and a defeat had a humiliating and financial disaster for them


  • Frederick William IV's state at this point was gradually getting worse to the point that he was declared insane in 1858
  • his brother, William I was given the throne and became king in his place
  • William would continue to reign for another 27 years
  • he believed that he was only answerable to God which made it incredibly difficult to argue with him
  • he dismissed Manteuffel and replaced him with a ministry of liberals and conservatives
  • in 1858 the elections saw a small group of liberals gain a majority - William did not like this and made sure they would not…


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