Position of Prussia and Austria after 1848

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Prussian Union Plan:

  • even though Frederick William decline the throne to Frankfurt , he did like the idea of leading a German unification
  • in 1849, General Radowitz suggested a Prussian Union Plan which would unite Germany but without Austria
  • however, Austria would still be kept with close contacts through a 'special relationship
  • Austria's chief minister, Schwarzenberg, did not like this at all because he thought it was just Prussia's clever way of removing Austrian dominance
  • but he was caught up with uprising problems in Hungary
  • 28 states later joined the PUP (later known as Erfurt)
  • the representatives met at Erfurt and was renamed this in May 1850
  • returned from suppressing the uprising, Schwarzenberg was angry but the new Erfurt union so he decided to re-establish the Diet from the old Confederation
  • who were to meet in Frankfurt May 1850
  • a revolution began in Hesse-Cassel, a small fight broke out between Austria and Prussia in regards to who should help the state with its revolution
  • Frederick William IV had no desire at all for war so he dismissed General Radowitz and appointed Manteuffel who had the same hate for war as Frederick

Olmutz - November 1850:

  • on the 29th November


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