porphyrias lover

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porphyrias lover

The poem is a narrative of a murder, told calmly and callously. it is a dramatic monolgue therfore written from one persons perpective which is usually an unreliable voice and the opinons are biased. this poem is about how the narrator aka lover strangles porphyria.

form, language structure

the poem is written all in one stanza which is quite overwhelming, this could convey the narrator is overwhelmed and shows his disturbed state. there is an ABABB rhyme scheme, the consistent pattern reflects the speakers need for control. There is a mirrored structure to the events in the poem. In the first half, Porphyria arranges the narrator’s physical form. After he has killed her, he arranges her back in the position in which she had been sitting. This might reflect the paradox, that he loves her but he kills her. there are also more b lines and the imbalance of lines could represent the imbalance of power in the




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