population change - china's one child policy

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Population chanege - china's one child policy

Facts and figures

  • introduced in 1979
  • applied to native (han) Chinese
  • if the first child is a girl parents can try for a boy but this is more seen in rural areas as boys are more needed because stereotypically they are stronger and they can help their parents on farms etc.
  • parents who are the only children in the family can have 2 kids

Why was it needed?

  • population incresing at very high rate

How was it enforced?

  • marriage at the age of 24 -> if peole get married later they have less time to have kids
  • sterilised women -> after 1st baby soem women were sterilised, without even knowing it, to prevent them from being pregnant again
  • 10% salary cut if a couple had more than one child -> as people don't want to lose money they won't have more than one child because the wouldn't afford the basics
  • registration cards - this is very important becasue only the first child can get it. The second child won't get it so it won't be able to…


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