population- a general over view

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population is nearing 7 billion

These are the vital rates

  • BR- no. of live births per 1000
  • DR-no deaths per 1000
  • FR average no. of children woman will bear between ages of 15-44/49
  • LE- life expectancy
  • Migration Rate
  • Dependancy ratio- 0-15-65+ / 16-64
  • IMR- no of infant deaths (kids under 5) of 1000 live births per year
  • pop density pop/area

Reasons for initial growth:

  • technology-metal tools, machinery, plant growth etc, medicines and vaccines
  • transportation
  • medical advances
  • sanitation
  • revolutions


  • Lack of resources
  • amenities
  • land

census can be used to work out vital rates of the country but they are costly, not always filled in accurately and take a lot of time


stage 1-pre 1760 mothers ruin, high fluctuating (ethiopia, amazonia tribe, bangladesh)

stage 2-1760-1880- Agricultural revolution, Industrial revolution, more food production and employment etc! Factory Acts and education enforcement- overall best time for developement- mosyt rapid growth- High BR but low DR....Early expanding (peru, kenya)

Stage 3-1880-1940 more wealth therefore less kids, suffragettes too, also war therfore lowering BR and certainly low DR- late expanding (cuba, australia, china)

Stage 4- post 1940 high DR but slowly stabalised, High BR due to baby boom but stablaised too. low dr and br due to contraception, abortions and emancipation of women---low fluctuating (UK, Canada, france)

Stage 5- declining/fluctuating, Japan

pop pyramids

stage 1- concave large bottom, narrow top with declining no. people on each side

stage 2 - less concave still large base, but LE increasing

stage 3-convex shape narrowing base, but stabalising top

stages 4 and 5 become more excentuated versions of 3 with higher dependacy ratios and lower FRs


Inputs processes outputs

Birth natural change Death

Tot pop

Immigration Migration Emigration

Young Pop/Ageing Pop

Iran has a young population due to Shuni/Shiite governement which means contraception isn't allowed, certainly not abortion either

It's health care is more focused on Paediatrics, high dependancy ration, young marriage age, not much education, high DR and High dependancy ratio- quite a large population with jobs and employment, lack of elderly, lower LE, High IFM- this is because its overpopulated and not enough services for the elderly

However because of woman emancipation things are starting to change slightly

later marriage, woman are working for longer therefore don't want kids early which are expensive to, many are migrating to the West

UK has ageing pop- the implications of an ageing pop:

  • ageist work policies-B&Q employ the retired because they are more reliable
  • tourist places open more of the time- all year round as retired have more free time
  • High taxation for youth because higher dep ratio so have to provide pensions
  • State struggling with pensions so some are…


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